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Saturday, February 18, 2012

A quick post from the school of, "Nothing's easy."  

My old Cannondale panniers have pretty much given up the ghost after 35 years.  They've finally transitioned from water-resistant to water-attractant.   I love the design of the Ortlieb recumbent panniers - waterproof, big enough without being RV-sized, designed to tuck in behind the seat, solid mounting system, too expensive, but otherwise they look like great touring panniers.  So I shopped around until I found a great deal and bought a pair for the yet-to-arrive GLO.  In fact the deal was so good I posted it on BROL...which stirred up a buzz of comments about what racks and what trikes the bags would and wouldn't fit.  Seems like the days of my old Cannondale's ultra-simple and primitive mounting system fitting every rack ever conceived are long gone.  Now, with the list of manufactured racks running into the dozens and the list of recumbent frame designs being at least that long, what fits what is no longer an easy question.  So by the time the posters on my "Great Deal!" thread concluded that they just didn't know if the Ortliebs would fit the GLO, or an ICE, or a Catrike for that matter I'd already ordered the bags.  So I'm awaiting their arrival and still won't know whether they fit until I get the GLO home from Florida.  But I still think they're beautiful...and perhaps if all else fails they'll fit on Travis.

Here's the other 'ooops.'  Take a look at the latest embroidered covers I shipped this week.  I think they look great so I wanted to post them all in spite of one having been Photoshopped.  

For sure accidents happen, but the embroiderer saw it, Deana saw it before she mailed the material, Zubin saw it when she was sewing the cover and I saw it when I installed the cover on the neck rest and shipped it.  But I didn't see the mistake until I uploaded the photograph of the cover I'd taken before I wrapped the order and shipped it.

When I wrote to the customer to apologize and to tell him there was a typo in the mail on its way to him, his comment was, "go to bed~  no sweat. ;-)  I am a high school administrator, THIS is not a problem."  Clearly everything's relative.  But the moment I saw that picture my first thought was, "Rats!" 


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