Most likely you're visiting to check out Finer Recliner CURVE neck rests, side mount handlebar bag kits, embroidery, tail lights and other recumbent accessories.

I make neck rests mainly but not exclusively for recumbent trikes. Each is 2" thick memory foam fill on a gently curved PVC base. The covers are breathable and water-resistant. Embroidery options are nearly limitless and allow you to truly personalize this part of your trike.

If you're interested in more information about Finer Recliner accessories, pictures, prices and how to order, you can reach me at stevesussman@earthlink.net.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Here's a picture of the full kit.  It's a CURVE neck rest, "L" tower (6061 thin wall aluminum), mtb stem and shim.

It will fit all older model Catrikes that came with the tube tower, and all newer models like the Trail, Pocket and Villager you may have ordered without the neck rest.  I'm pretty sure it will fit a Dash as well.

We're also trying the kit on a Trice Q...the challenge is making a shim for 1" to 7/8", the diameter of the seat back cross brace.  I'll keep you posted about this one.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here's what really made me smile yesterday.  My granddaughter Maya, the perfect ad for  pretzels on a chilly Autumn day in Germany.  Is it possible to love someone too much?  Maya's one of a bunch of people I feel this way about...oh, and of course four footers as well - Travis and Gomez for sure.

About neck rests.  I've had a bunch of inquiries about how to order a neck rest, and since it's simple I should have probably explained it here.

Ordering is easy and there’s no need to pre-pay.  If the neck rest is for a Catrike and you'd like one without embroidery here's all I need to know:

Is the neck rest to replace the stock rest on a newer model Catrike with these towers?  
If so, then all I need is your mailing address.  Once the neck rest is done I'll mail it to you.  If you're satisfied then send me a check for the enclosed invoice amount.   My address is on the invoice.
    If you'd like something embroidered on the neck rest then tell me what you'd like.  A name, screen name, nickname or short statement will add about $5 to the cost.  If you tell me the color of your frame then I'll match the thread.  If it's an image you want, give me an idea and I can send you some choices, or if you have original art I can have that embroidered as well.  Cost varies for each depending upon thread count and whether we have to digitize your original art.

    If the neck rest is for an older model Catrike with one of these mounts I'll need to know so I can send you one with the proper brackets. 

    If your Catrike has no neck rest right now (many Villagers, Trails and Pockets can be purchased without neck rests) you'll need the complete kit of neck rest, "L" tower and mtb stem.  Let me know this when you order.

       And if the neck rest you want is for another manufacturer's trike let me know which brand.  Some require the full kit plus just another shim.

    For all these other neck rests, I'll need the same information I described above it you'd like them embroidered.

    And by the way, feel free to email or call with questions and any special requests.

    Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    I posted this last night on BROL in response to a question...so I figured I re-post it here since I get a lot of questions about neck rest models and available options. 

    "...here's the deal with the two shapes. The first neck rests I made were ROLL models. I used 2" thick open pore foam as fill. They were nice and people liked them...I really liked mine. Unfortunately the adhesive I was using caused the most amazing hallucinations and was probably what finally caused me to tattoo the note, "If I seem lost, please return me to..." on my hand.

    I started making the CURVEs after I made a special order half-round neck rest for someone who needed to stabilize his neck side to side. The open pore foam fill didn't work well with the CURVEs so I began experimenting with latex...and began testing new less personally toxic adhesives. The latex was great, and I really preferred the CURVE design because I like how it cradles my neck. However I soon discovered the manufacturer couldn't control the latex density and so some batches I got were so soft they were unusable.

    So I bit the bullet and started using memory foam, which is 3X as expensive as the other fills. Then I graduated from hand-made brackets to having them fabricated by a great shop in Portland and then powdercoated in Tacoma. And I finally discovered what seems to be the perfect adhesive.

    Just about all my orders in the past 9 months have been for CURVEs, and the feedback has been terrific. I think that with the CURVE I've finally found the perfect combination of shape, fill type and adhesive.

    As a result I've stopped making the ROLL model. And there's another reason. Memory foam seems happy folded into the CURVE but not happy wrapped around the ROLL base. It wants to return to its original flat shape. And because the adhesive works so well it becomes a tug of war between the two with the end result being that over time the memory foam seems to tear. While there are solutions they greatly increase the cost of making the ROLL. And since the CURVE works so well I just don't think it's worth the expense.

    I've tried them both and I really love the CURVE.

    By the way, I just sent off the first kit for a Trice Q and am anxiously waiting for feedback. And I have full kits available for Pockets, Trails and Villagers."

    I'm really excited to see how the Trice kit works.  It's essentially the same as the Catrike kit with one added shim to adapt the mtb stem to the smaller diameter horizontal seat tube.