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I make neck rests mainly but not exclusively for recumbent trikes. Each is 2" thick memory foam fill on a gently curved PVC base. The covers are breathable and water-resistant. Embroidery options are nearly limitless and allow you to truly personalize this part of your trike.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The days are definitely getting longer, the owls are everywhere in the evenings and early mornings and I haven't been riding even once since about Thanksgiving.

Seems like The Finer Recliner has turned me from a rider into a fabricator.   Well it's really not that simple, and lest I sound like I'm complaining, I've also got a slow-build of an Atomic Zombie to-be-electrified Timberwolf going on in the shop too, and a bunch of other fun distractions so this situation really is a choice.  

Another choice I've decided to make has to do with this blog.  Before I had the website up and running (www.TheFinerRecliner.com) I used this blog as a way to advertise the gear.  Now that the website's working I'm trying to keep it current by adding new pictures and making edits that hopefully make the site more attractive and user-friendly.

I'm actually not so interesting, nor is my ego so large, that a blog AND a website are required to present the depth and breadth of my musing and insights.  Plus we've back to 'lack of time' issue.  So I've decided I'll leave the blog up in case I change my mind at some later date, but for now if you want to check in come visit my website.  I've been posting most new stuff in the Gallery at the end of the site.  Feel free to send me stuff to post as well.