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Thursday, May 10, 2012

When I brought the GLO home from the Catrike Rally in Florida I toyed with the idea of swapping the stock Greenspeed neck rest for one of my CURVE kits.  But then decided there was no reason to mess with something that works fine.  After all, Penni's happy with the stock rest on her GT3, so perhaps missing an advertising opportunity would probably be a good personal growth experience.  And so that's where I left it...for a while.  

Well  I've always said I have the upper body of a 3' human.  In fact at some restaurants where the seats are low and the tables high the only silverware I need is a knife...to slide my food along the tabletop directly into my mouth.  And that was the problem with the stock Greenspeed neck rest.  Turns out that even though I lowered the stock neck rest tubes as far as they'd go, and then cut another 3/4" off the tubes, I couldn't get the neck rest low enough.  I’m sure it’s at least partly because of the tube shape of the Greenspeed neck rest.  

I made a shim so the mtb stem would fit the GLO's seat brace tube and I installed the kit.  The CURVE definitely looks non-Greenspeedish, but it sure feels great.  I doubt there are many others out there with bodies like mine - hobbits on stilts, so don't worry Ian (Sims) this is most likely a one-off.  

Remember those beautiful Ortlieb recumbent panniers I bought?  Well I fiddled around with them so they sort of fit on the GLO, but then I decided to do this right and make them fit the way they should.  I'm enlarging the narrow rear rack so the panniers can be even with the sides of the seat.  I'm welding up this new rack-top which will be fastened to the existing rack with Cateye clamps.  I'll probably have to add an additional tube to each side of the rack top so the panniers can be locked down securely - there's a slick lock-down fastener on the panniers.  If this works, and I'm pretty sure it will, I'll make another rack top for Msafiri (my Expedition.)  More pics to follow. 


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