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Friday, May 18, 2012

I tend to put off tough stuff, and that's what I did about mounting the new Ortlieb panniers on the Greenspeed GLO.  

I was clearly avoiding facing my fear that I'd spent a lot of money for panniers I really like but wouldn't fit on the trike.  So for a couple of months the panniers remained in the shipping plastic bag in my office, and for another month they sat in my shop. When I finally sucked up my apprehension and tried mounting the bags I discovered they actually did fit...sort of. 

Of the two hangers on each pannier, one fit on the top rail of the trike rack and the other fit on the the rack's most forward angle support arm. This had the effect of tipping the pannier downward in the front.  With some coaxing I could even get the pannier's forward lock-down hooked on the trike's seat support tube. What didn't fit well was that the forward end of the pannier was too close to the ground for my liking and the strap that should go across the seat and connect both panniers wouldn't fit...the panniers were just in the wrong place.  A fit, but not a great fit. 

What a good fit meant: the panniers were about as far from each other as the seat is wide so the bags could move a bit further forward; there was a simple attachment point for the panniers' lower lock-down mechanism; and because the GLO is a dissassembler, any rack modifications needed to be able to lay flat to take little space. 

So what I fabricated is in two pieces. The upper larger rack top attaches to the existing rack with Velcro strips making for a secure mount with tool-less quick removal. The lower rail functions as a pannier lock-down and also keeps the pannier from swinging in against the trike frame. It attaches at the 2 front rack mounts and with Velcro strips to the rear of the rack. 

In keeping with Greenspeed tradition (and because I can brass braze and not TIG weld) the parts are made from steel tube. The steel tubing's strong, but I realize that one unknown is, since the wider top rack is unsupported on its outer edge, will it carry the weight of the panniers.  But it seems plenty strong enough, and a support should be a simple mod if it's needed. The wider top rack is a very nice bonus for carrying a tent, sleeping bag and mattress closer to the seat and making the load more compact. 

 So do the Ortliebs fit the GLO?  Most definitely...with just a minor mod. I think they'll also fit my Catrike Expedition but with a different design for a rack enhancement that will mount the bags similarly wider apart, but also lower than the top of rack.  That's next.

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