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I make neck rests mainly but not exclusively for recumbent trikes. Each is 2" thick memory foam fill on a gently curved PVC base. The covers are breathable and water-resistant. Embroidery options are nearly limitless and allow you to truly personalize this part of your trike.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

I've been dreaming of a warm shop, a tig welder and a CNC machine.  Well my birthday's coming up in the next two weeks, and after all, SOMEONE wins the Lotto Mega.  It's still not warm enough in the 'neck rest factory' to work without seeing my breath.  But the temperature was up in the balmy high 20's so I spent most of the day working to get these orders filled.  The brackets and bases for 14 are all finished, and 4 more have fill glued on.

I'll take them over to Zubin the sewer (sounds like Omar the tent maker) tomorrow to make sure they all fit the "standard" size, which is sometimes a problem when every bracket is hand-made.  Then she can cut the fabric for each neck rest and I can take them over to the embroiderer to get monogrammed while I paint the brackets and glue on the latex.  Then back for sewing and final assembly.  It's just been too cold to paint or glue and at the same time I fear I'm testing people's patience.  But the forecast is for the temp to rise so I'm hopeful we're only days away from getting these finished.

Speaking of the embroiderer, here's Cara on the bridge at embroidery command central.  Notice how her watch dog strikes the praying hamster position in a salute to recumbent riders.

Cara, Andie and I have been working on getting the TOT gear chosen and the art work done so we can get it posted.  Andie's the Photoshop master and she's been working on the TOT graphics while getting ready for her own art show and running her studio gallery.  

So here's the TOT stuff that'll be available.  What's really special about this gear is that it's embroidered, NOT silk screened.  And everyone can customize their TOT gear by having their names or screen names embroidered on the back of their hats, and on the sleeves of any shirts they choose.  

The mens' and womens' cotton t-shirts are first, and they'll be great for dinners and just hanging out.  For riding, the long and short sleeve poly wickable shirts for men and women are at the bottom.  The caps come in mens' and womens' styles.  

T-shirts are heavy-weight 6.1 ounce cotton with shoulder to shoulder taping and a double needle hem.


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