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I make neck rests mainly but not exclusively for recumbent trikes. Each is 2" thick memory foam fill on a gently curved PVC base. The covers are breathable and water-resistant. Embroidery options are nearly limitless and allow you to truly personalize this part of your trike.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

It must have been new moon-itis.  The truck clutch went out, the mower lost its blade, the tractor threw a belt, my not-well-backed up hard drive crashed, the dryer melted a part, the water district informed me there was a leak somewhere on our land, Gomez (our cat) got chewed by some animal or other, and then the band saw blade snapped trimming neck rest foam...it was the glue.  All of this in about 3 days.

Good news?  There's plenty.  Penni and I have been out riding the past few weekends, and Travis has really taken to his new trailer.  

Last Sunday we rode about 35 miles.  Travis will run 4 or 5 miles hard, then he seems fine with climbing in for a rest, sitting with his head out the sun roof watching and sniffing as things go by.  He's also a good watch dog, willingly keeping an eye on the trikes during a coffee stop.  

The days of just quickly taking off for a ride seem to be over.  Now it's load up both trikes, Travis in the back and his trailer folded in the back seat, snacks for all, leash, toys and treats...and Ms. Penni in the front of course.  We're kinda like a traveling carnival.  And the car's really cozy.

More folks are ordering Finer recliner and TOT2010 gear, and maybe because  it's Spring we're seeing people choose some especially beautiful colors.

Really nice riding jerseys for women

And more neat news.  The complete neck rest kit for Catrikes is now finished and the first one is about to be shipped.  This one is made with a CURVE neck rest, but it's also available with the ROLL.  Both can be embroidered, and the kit comes with the neck rest, tower, stem and shim.  The tower is 6061 aluminum thin wall tube so it's light and strong.  The kit is $80.

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